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AeroBus/SkyBus (AeroSky Ventures): klia2 to KL Sentral by Express Bus

After getting down from my budget flight from Johor Bahru, I wasn’t going to pay a similar fare for my airport transfer, so I opted for a budget bus instead – which is probably what most people do anyway.

The bus terminal is located at the end of gateway@klia2. Look for the signs that say Transportation Hub.

All counters have integrated ticketing for all buses. Just pick the one with the shortest queue.

You could also get a Starmart back to JB or Singapore from here if you really wanted to.

My ticket for the next departure to KL Sentral. A ticket to KL Sentral costs RM12.

The bus was already waiting outside. Pretty sure that despite the system selling tickets for buses at 10 minute intervals, the buses depart whenever it’s full, which isn’t a problem since there’s a steady supply of passengers at almost any time. In fact, I have a suspicion that buses depart even more frequently than every 10 minutes.

You might be thinking that both the AeroBus and SkyBus serves klia2 as competitors. Well, it’s true during the LCCT era, but they’ve merged some time ago and now operate as AeroSky Ventures for the klia2 – KL Sentral route, with tickets purchased from AeroBus or SkyBus valid for use on either company’s buses. Note that this applies for the klia2 – KL Sentral route only and not other routes still operating under the distinct AeroBus or SkyBus names.

To further get your mind blown, AeroSky Ventures is under Wawasan Sutera and Era Mesra. Google them and have fun looking at what other brands they have under their wing.

Since this is almost the backbone of klia2 transfers from the city, AeroSky Ventures and klia2 probably work really close together since each seat has the gateway@klia2 magazine for passengers to read while on the bus.

The 3 signs to know that you’re approaching Kuala Lumpur are when you see the Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower and plenty of traffic jams.

Passing by Midvalley Megamall.

The journey during the day from klia2 to KL Sentral, inclusive of traffic jams when entering KL city, took 90 minutes.

Another bus about to depart for klia2.

AeroSky Ventures tickets are still sold at the SkyBus counter for buses heading from KL Sentral to klia2. Just buy a ticket and hop on the bus with the door open in the queue. Whether it’s red or yellow, they’re the same.

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