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Causeway Link Senai Airport Shuttle Service AA1: JB Sentral to Senai International Airport by Express Bus

While the main international gateway to and from Singapore is obviously Changi Airport, I opted to fly to Kuala Lumpur from Senai instead, since the fares were about 3 to 4 times cheaper on a Saturday. Thankfully, the airport transfer wasn’t so much of a hassle with the Causeway Link Senai Airport Shuttle Service AA1.

To get across the Causeway to catch a flight on a Saturday morning, you better do it by the Shuttle Tebrau, or just give up and get a bus ticket from Larkin because you’re probably going to miss it if you do it by the regular cross-border bus.

23101 heads the Shuttle Tebrau today.

The Causeway Link counter to purchase tickets for the Senai Airport Shuttle Service AA1 is located down the escalators to the bus terminal, before actually exiting the escalator block.

Tickets cost RM8 and buses depart at every hour (by the .00) from 6.00am to 10.00pm, with the sole bus not following the hourly frequency departing at 5.30am. The journey time is around 45 to 60 minutes. You should board the bus from JB Sentral 3 hours before your flight time.

The ticket for the Causeway Link Senai Airport Shuttle Service AA1.

The Causeway Link Senai Airport Shuttle Service AA1 pulled up at the bus bay about 10 minutes before my 11am departure.

The interior of the bus.

Upon exiting JB Sentral, the bus turned right towards Danga Bay instead of left to the Eastern Dispersal Link Expressway (EDL). Not sure why, but since the bus carried just me and another passenger, Causeway Link probably didn’t want to lose the fare to tolls.

Looking back at Woodlands.

Passing by Danga Bay.

The entrance to the PLUS Highway to KL, but not using it this time.

Passing by Senai town.

Keeping right to the junction towards Senai Airport.

Splitting off the main road to Kulai, and if you dare, to Kuala Lumpur, Changlun, Bukit Kayu Hitam and beyond.

Passing over the former Senai railway halt. Probably rarely taking this until KTM creates a better timetable or once the Gemas – JB Electrified Double Track Project (EDTP) is done.

Approaching Senai International Airport.

Alighting outside the terminal building.

Since the airport is rather compact, it’s just a few steps from the terminal entrance.

If you are heading on the reverse direction from Senai International Airport to JB Sentral, head on to the other side of the terminal where there’s a proper waiting shelter.

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