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Cityflyer Service A10/A12: Water Street Shek Tong Tsui to Hong Kong International Airport by Express Bus

Cityflyer is the brand of express buses linking Hong Kong International Airport with Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, operated by Citybus. Cityflyer services are well spread out across the major districts, however, boarding the bus at Water Street (Shek Tong Tsui) on Hong Kong Island will get you double the frequency as Cityflyer Services A10 and A12 serve this bus stop before hitting the Western Harbour Crossing and North Lantau Highway, direct to Hong Kong International Airport.

Both Cityflyer Services A10 and A12 serve the Water Street bus stop before hitting the Western Harbour Crossing.

Bus service details can be found on the bus stop stand.

Both Cityflyer Services A10 and A12 travel the same highway route from this bus stop to Hong Kong International Airport, so just board the first one that comes along. Fares are HKD40 (~S$7.00) for the journey from Water Street (Shek Tong Tsui) to Hong Kong International Airport, payable by cash or Octopus at the same rate. Section fares apply on different starting points.

The interior of the lower deck of the Cityflyer bus.

Luggage racks are available, and luggage must be stored in them for the journey, aside from small hand-carry personal bags.

Goodbye Hong Kong, on a rainy day.

Entering the Western Harbour Crossing to get across Victoria Harbour.

The interior of the upper deck of the Cityflyer bus.

The Cityflyer provides coach-like reclining seats with ample legroom for this airport run, as well as an hour’s worth of free WiFi for the journey.

Crossing over the Stonecutters Bridge.

Inside the Nam Wan Tunnel.

Onto the main highlight of the journey to the airport – crossing the Tsing Ma Bridge, a suspension bridge 1,377 metres long over the Ma Wan Channel.

Breezing through the toll at Lantau Toll Plaza.

The Cityflyer bus drops off passengers at both terminals on the journey to the airport, stopping directly at the departures level. Terminal 1 is the first airport stop.

Most passengers alighted at Terminal 1. However, as check-in for Scoot was at Terminal 2, I remained on board.

Passengers-in-wheelchair may also use the Cityflyer bus service.

Dropping off at Terminal 2 to catch my Scoot flight back to Singapore.

The bus terminates at the next stop, at the Ground Transportation Centre. However, there was no one remaining on board any more, since the bus stops directly at the terminals.

The bus stops right outside the entrance to Terminal 2.

Heading to the check-in counter to check-in for my flight back to Singapore.

Overall, the Cityflyer service was a quick, efficient and affordable way to get from Shek Tong Tsui to Hong Kong International Airport. With a waiting time of less than 12 minutes and a journey time of around 30 minutes from Water Street, the service is on par with the MTR Airport Express Line, at cheaper fares and a more convenient pick-up point from my hotel on Hong Kong Island. Perhaps the Cityflyer would be my next choice in getting to and from Hong Kong International Airport in future.

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