Buses, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus: Kota Kinabalu International Airport to Centre Point and Padang Merdeka by Express Bus

The Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus is the only bus service serving Kota Kinabalu International Airport directly. Before the existence of this bus service, choices were limited to either renting a car, getting an expensive taxi or to walk out of the airport and catch an irregular passing public bus. With the Airport Bus now a main staple in the airport, getting to KK town is easy, straightforward and cheap.

Read more at: http://railtravelstation.com/2018/09/17/kota-kinabalu-airport-bus-kota-kinabalu-international-airport-to-centre-point-and-padang-merdeka-by-express-bus


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