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DAMRI Airport Bus (Jakarta Soekarna-Hatta Airport (CGK) – Gambir Station)

The DAMRI Airport Bus is one of the most economical and confortable ways for travellers to get from the airport to the city. DAMRI operates many routes to Jakarta and it’s surroundings (colloquially known as Jabodetabek), but the one that goes to the centre of the town, and also the most frequent route, is the bus to Gambir Station.

Route Map

Although this is an express bus between Jakarta Soekarna-Hatta Airport (CGK) and Gambir Station, I have seen, in all my trips, passengers boarding and alighting at places along the main roads where it is convenient for the bus to stop.


Rp. 40,000


Every 15 minutes*
*Frequency may be affected due to traffic jams.

Operating Hours

From Gambir: 3.00am – 10.00pm
From Airport: Unknown, but should be similar to Gambir.

Booking Methods

Reservations are neither necessary nor possible. Just show up and buy a ticket at the counter, or hop on and pay the conductor on the bus.

CGK Airport to Gambir

Upon arrival at the terminal, just walk out to the roadside area and find the signs pointing to DAMRI.

In Terminal 2, it’s located at a dedicated bus stand at the end of the terminal. For Terminal 1A, 1B, 1C and 3, just go to the official bus stops by the road.

The Terminal 2 bus stand. Here, you can buy your tickets in advance from the DAMRI counter and staff at hand will announce each bus’s destination as they are ready for boarding.

Many buses can depart at once to different destinations. If the bus heading to your destination is leaving, just hop on. Tickets are also sold on board the bus. In doubt, ask any staff. No unofficial ticket sellers are around, a huge plus point for visitors.

The bus to Gambir getting ready to depart.

A ticket bought from the counter at the bus terminal. The ones bought on board will be white.

Gambir to CGK Airport

Heading back to the airport, the DAMRI counter is located in the middle of the car park.

Follow the signs if you are coming from inside the station.

There is a priority queue for airport passengers, head to the dedicated counter to get your ticket almost instantly.

The timetable for buses departing for Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

You will receive a similar ticket as the one you got from the airport.

The bus will park opposite the counter, the counter staff will point out the one departing next. Just follow your other fellow passengers if in doubt.

Useful Travel Questions and Answers

How do I get onto the KRL Jabodetabek from Gambir?

The KRL Jabodetabek does not stop at Gambir station. The closest KRL Jabodetabek station to Gambir is Juanda.

Take TransJakarta BRT Service 2 or 2A from Gambir 2 to Juanda.

How do I get onto the KRL Jabodetabek to Gambir?

The KRL Jabodetabek does not stop at Gambir station. The closest KRL Jabodetabek station to Gambir is Juanda.

Take TransJakarta BRT Service 2 or 2C from Juanda direct to Gambir 2. Alternatively, take TransJakarta BRT Service 2A, 3, 5C or T12 from Juanda to Harmoni Central Busway and change to Service 2 or 2A to Gambir 2 bus stop.

How do I pay for the TransJakarta BRT?

Payment is by contactless smart cards only. You can pay with:

  • BRIZZI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia)
  • Flazz (Bank Central Asia)
  • Tapcash, Kartu Aku, Rail Card (Bank Negara Indonesia)
  • e-money, e-Toll Card, Indomaret Card, GazCard (Bank Mandiri)
  • JakCard (Bank DKI)
  • Bank Mega MegaCash

Cash is NOT accepted. You must buy a contactless card at the counter before entering the TransJakarta BRT system if you do not have one.

What are the fares for the TransJakarta BRT?

  • 5.00am – 7.00am: Rp. 2,000
  • 7.00am – 12.00am: Rp. 3,500
  • 12.00am – 5.00am: Rp. 3,500

Flat fares are applied throughout the network based on entry time, regardless of distance travelled. You only need to touch in to the system. Exiting the system is by one-way turnstiles.

Route Map

Zoom in at Gambir to view the connecting TransJakarta BRT routes.


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