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Welcome to BusTravel Station!

Welcome to BusTravel Station where you decide on your pre-holiday journey! Helping you get between Singapore, Malaysia and beyond by bus since 2017.

What is BusTravel Station?

BusTravel Station is your one-stop integrated information portal and blog about what you can experience on your next bus journey. As somewhere you will sit for the next couple of hours, you want to make sure that you get as comfortable as possible since you’ll be stuck in a moving metal box to where you actually want to be.

And so that you would know what to pick before you actually purchase your ticket, I volunteer as tribute.

Can I book my bus tickets through you?

In a way, yes. BusTravel Station is my personal travel blog, but to maintain the site (it costs money to purchase this domain), you can use the attached agent links on my site to help defray the cost of maintaining this website.

Some possible booking methods for express buses in Singapore and Malaysia are:

Hotel Booking

Attractions Booking

How do I book bus tickets online?

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Can I use your photos for my own site, Facebook Page, etc.?

BusTravel Station claims all rights to pictures and information produced by BusTravel Station. Copying the pictures to public Facebook pages, websites, Wikipedia or any other mass-media platform without credit is strictly forbidden.

For media enquiries, please email to bustravelstation [at] gmail.com.

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