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BRT Sunway Line: Sunway-Setia Jaya – USJ 7

The BRT Sunway Line is a fully-elevated Bus Rapid Transit system with 7 stations, running from Setia Jaya to USJ 7 passing through major Sunway developments including Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon.

Route Map

Alternatively, if you are heading to Sunway Pyramid, you can use RapidKL Service T770 from KJ28 Subang Jaya LRT Station and KJ29 SS15 LRT Station.


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Every 4 – 8 minutes

The BRT station at Setia Jaya is easily accessible from the KTM Komuter station via the existing footbridge.

Entrance to the BRT station and platform.

The ticketing system is the same as the existing LRT system. Existing tickets are also accepted.

The buses used on the BRT Sunway Line are low floor electric buses which are quieter and produce less emissions so the platforms feel cleaner and fresher.

An onboard computer tells the driver how fast he should go to keep within the schedule.

The interior of the bus.

The platform gap between the bus and the platform.

Above the door, there is also a dynamic route map display to show you where the bus is heading to.

On approach to USJ 7 station.

USJ 7 station BRT platform.

Approaching Sunway Lagoon station.

From Sunway Lagoon station, you can use the linkbridge to Sunway Pyramid and the various hotels around it.

For more information, visit the BRT section on the RapidKL website.


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