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Go Genting Express Bus: Pudu Sentral to Awana Bus Terminal by Bus

The first bus from the Klang Valley in general to Resorts World Genting departs at 7.30am from Pudu Sentral. And because there wasn’t much to do in KL after arriving from the overnight bus from Singapore and a quick breakfast, off I went for a quick bus ride to kill some time.

The bus from Pudu Sentral takes a similar route to Genting as from KL Sentral.

The Sentul Pasar toll for the DUKE Highway.

One of the nicer bends along the Karak Highway.

The Awana SkyWay is back for usual operations this time.

Arrived at Awana Bus Terminal after about an hour’s journey.

Click here for Kuala Lumpur – Genting Express Bus Service Information and Routes:

2 thoughts on “Go Genting Express Bus: Pudu Sentral to Awana Bus Terminal by Bus”

  1. Hi, where do I prepurchase the Go Genting express bus ticket departing from Pudu Sentral? It will be a great help if you can provide me with the direct link. Thanks!


    1. https://bustravelstation.com/express-buses/kuala-lumpur-genting-express-buses/

      Go Genting Express Bus and Awana Skyway tickets cannot be purchased online.

      You can only purchase Go Genting Express Bus tickets at their ticket counters. The ticketing system is integrated at all counters so you can make your purchase at any counter for any Go Genting Express Bus journey eg. you can purchase an Awana Bus Terminal to KL Sentral ticket at One Utama. Tickets open 7 days in advance.


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