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Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA SEPANG Shuttle Bus

Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA SEPANG is an outlet mall located 6km from KLIA and klia2. As the name suggests, it is located within KLIA grounds. A free shuttle bus plies between the outlet park and both KLIA and klia2. The shuttle bus is operated by Aerobus. You can access KLIA and klia2 by the Express Rail Link.

Follow the signs to Mitsui Outlet Park found in both terminals. Wait outside Door 2 at KLIA, and at Berth 8 at klia2.

The ride will take approximately 20 minutes from klia2, and 10 minutes from KLIA.

Mitsui Outlet Park gives a whole new feel to outlet malls in Malaysia. For a change, the outlet park is fully air-conditioned, unlike the first premium outlet in Malaysia, Johor Premium Outlets.

The architecture of Mitsui Outlet Park also gives shoppers a spacious feel.

Full shop listings can be found here.

To cater for passengers of KLIA and klia2 visiting Mitsui Outlet Park, flight information screens are also available around the outlet park.

Check-in services are also available at the Flight Check-In Centre for flights departing from KLIA and klia2.

Heading back, the shuttle bus stop is located just outside the Flight Check-In Centre.

Located 60km away from Kuala Lumpur, Mitsui Outlet Park is probably not the first place one would think of when deciding where to go shopping during the weekend, but with klia2’s accessibility, it’s worth at least a first visit. If you are driving to KLIA and klia2, you may also wish to drop by to have a look!


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