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AeroBus/SkyBus (AeroSky Ventures): KL Sentral to klia2 by Express Bus

The most frequent bus route to klia2 is from KL Sentral, with AeroBus and SkyBus buses serving the route. And with a flight to catch, not wanting to risk missing it and not pay RM55, I opted to go to the airport by this method.

You might be thinking that both the AeroBus and SkyBus serves klia2 as competitors. Well, it’s true during the LCCT era, but they’ve merged some time ago and now operate as AeroSky Ventures for the klia2 – KL Sentral route, with tickets purchased from AeroBus or SkyBus valid for use on either company’s buses. Note that this applies for the klia2 – KL Sentral route only and not other routes still operating under the distinct AeroBus or SkyBus names.

AeroSky Ventures tickets are sold at the SkyBus counter for buses heading from KL Sentral to klia2. Just buy a ticket for RM12 and hop on the bus with the door open in the queue. Whether it’s red or yellow, they’re the same. Buses depart approximately every 10 to 20 minutes.

The interior of the 44-seater bus.

Passing by the old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station before heading onto Jalan Damansara towards Sungai Besi.

Passing under the KLIA Express and KLIA Transit tracks on the way out of KL.


Passing over the Shah Alam Expressway and Sri Petaling LRT Station.

The Bukit Jalil National Stadium, looking ready for the 2017 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.

Approaching klia2.

Flying over the road from KLIA.

If you miss taking the train, you can pretend you are on one as the bus enters the gateway@klia2 Transportation Hub parallel to the ERL tracks. Except that this method is around 80% cheaper.

The interior of the bus with 2+2 Orient seats.

A little bit of the old AeroBus livery is still under the advertisement wrap, listing the route as LCCT – KL Sentral.

The journey from KL Sentral to klia2, without any major traffic jam, took around 60 minutes. But you should assume that it is a 90 minute journey just in case of any unexpected jams or you are leaving during peak hours.

Pass through the glass doors to get to gateway@klia2.

Upon ascending to the main level, you will see this flight information screen. It’s not necessary to stop here because gateway@klia2 is only a shoppping mall and NOT the actual terminal building to check-in.

Continue walking straight ahead, and maybe make a stop for Gong Cha.

Also, wave at the passengers coming off the KLIA Ekspres who might have been at KL Sentral also when the bus was there who didn’t know about this cheaper option.

Ascend 2 more levels up for departures.

Exit gateway@klia2 to a short non-air-conditioned area and head straight for the klia2 passenger terminal building. The walk takes around 5 minutes from the Transportation Hub. Over here can you finally start the check-in procedures for your flight.

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