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Star Shuttle: Pudu Sentral to KLIA and klia2 by Express Bus

Star Shuttle operates frequent bus services between Pudu Sentral and KLIA/klia2 , a convenient boarding point in the heart of the city. Buses depart from Pudu Sentral every 30 to 60 minutes from 3.15am to 12.15am daily.

While many, if not all online sources including Star Shuttle’s own website, mention that the boarding point is at the “bus stop in front of Mydin wholesale market”, Star Shuttle actually operates from Pudu Sentral itself. I found out for myself only when I was waiting at the said bus stop and decided to ask a random SJ Bus staff about the Star Shuttle.

Head directly to Platform 5 to board the Star Shuttle bus.

There are a few chairs down at Platform 5 to wait for the bus. Remember to purchase your ticket from the makeshift counter at the far end of the platform.

Two Star Limo vans are parked on the next platform for those who choose the direct transfer to or from their hotel.

My ticket for the Star Shuttle ride to KLIA. Tickets cost RM12 from Pudu Sentral to KLIA.

It was a bit confusing when I heard the staff asked me “1 or 2” to which I assumed he meant if it was for 1 or 2 persons, to which I replied “satu orang (one person)”, but he kept repeating “satu atau dua (one or two)” until he asked in English “Are you going to KLIA1 or KLIA2?”, pointing at the sign on the counter. Well, my answer was still 1, but I this time I said “KLIA1” which felt very very weird as I don’t think I’ve ever said those 4 letters and 1 number in the same breath before.

Anyway, there is no such official name of KLIA1. The two terminals of IATA code KUL are KLIA and klia2 (note the capitalization), of which KLIA consists of the Main Terminal Building and Satellite Building (collectively Terminal M in some tickets or further abbreviated by others as MTB) and klia2 consists of the shopping mall gateway@klia2, the Main Terminal Building and Satellite Building (collectively klia2). They are also not known as KLIA Terminal 1 and KLIA Terminal 2 as despite them being separate airport terminals, they are not addressed as such. In fact, there is no number 1 in any terminal name in Kuala Lumpur.

It sounds like two separate airports (even with separate runway operations) that are 10 minutes apart by road but most insist that they are one despite one of them catering more towards full-service airlines and the other clearly catering for low-cost carriers.

Confused? Welcome to KL.

The Star Shuttle bus pulled in at the departure time, coming in from Jalan Ipoh Batu 3.

The Star Shuttle bus at Pudu Sentral. If you’re wondering why that logo font looks a bit familiar, it’s because they’re brought to you by the same people at Golden Coach and Star Coach.

The Star Shuttle counter where you buy your ticket from.

The Star Shuttle bus departed 5 minutes off schedule.

The comfortable legroom of this 40-seater bus.

The view of the Star Shuttle bus from my seat.

Passing by Petaling Street.

Passing by Pasar Seni LRT Station.

Heading up to Jalan Damansara.

Goodbye HSR. Like, seriously, goodbye.

Flying over Sri Petaling LRT Station.

Getting off the Maju Expressway (MEX).

Oh what’s this?


Despite the timetable on Star Shuttle’s website stating that the bus heads to KLIA then klia2, the bus headed to klia2 first instead.

Approaching klia2. Not something I wanted to see when catching my flight from KLIA.

The bus made a stop of about 5 minutes to drop off most of the passengers on board. Maybe the change of initial destination was because there were more people heading to klia2 than KLIA?

Heading away from klia2.

Heading up the flyover u-turn to head back to KLIA. There is no direct road linking between klia2 and KLIA.

U-turning above KLIA Extension Expressway.

Approaching KLIA Bus Terminal.

Arrived at KLIA on time according to the published timetable on Star Shuttle’s website, despite making the stop at klia2 first, making it a journey of 70 minutes from Pudu Sentral to KLIA via klia2.

If you’re heading in the reverse direction, get your ticket at the Star Shuttle counter at the KLIA Bus Terminal. Tickets from KLIA to Pudu Sentral are cheaper at only RM10 as compared with RM12 from Pudu Sentral to KLIA.

From here, take the linkbridge to the KLIA passenger terminal building.

As compared to the KLIA Transit + Nadi Putra 500 combination on a similar route, the Star Shuttle express bus from Pudu Sentral to KLIA is RM1.20 cheaper at just RM12 as compared with RM13.20, and the journey is faster at just 1 hour 10 minutes as compared with 1 hour 38 minutes on the train + bus combination. Not to mention that the seats are more comfortable with ample legroom, footrests and reclining functions, and there’s no transferring hassle to deal with in the middle of the journey – literally just sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you’re travelling between KLIA/klia2 and the Chinatown/Puduraya/Masjid Jamek area, I’d recommend the Star Shuttle. Check timetables here.

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