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Changi Airport Terminal 2 – Terminal 3 Transit Shuttle Bus

The Transit Area Skytrain Service between Terminal 2 (North/Station E) and Terminal 3 (North/Station B) has been reinstated with the opening of Jewel Changi Airport.

The Changi Airport Terminal 2 – Terminal 3 Transit Shuttle Bus is no longer in service.

The public and transit Skytrain service between Terminal 2 (North) and Terminal 3 (North) has ceased service with effect from 24 February 2015 for the development of Jewel Changi Airport. In the transit area, passengers can use the existing Station F – Station A service at the south ends of the terminals, or hop on to the shuttle bus at the affected Skytrain stations.

When you get to the closed platforms, follow the signs to the shuttle bus, not more than 5 minutes away.

The signs will lead you to the drop off point for ramp buses when your arriving plane is parked at a remote gate.

Follow the instructions of the staff to board the bus.

The interior of the bus is just like a normal ramp bus, but with a new exterior look.

The bus makes its way to the Terminal 2 via Terminal 1 using the normal roads for airside vehicles. Along the way, you get a great view of aircraft parked at their gates.

The directions from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 is similar, just follow the signs.

This shuttle bus is not the best or fastest mode if you’re rushing though. You would be better off taking the Skytrain from A to F if you have diagonal gates like from A to E, or even taking the train to T1, walk through the T1 transit mall and taking the other train. Give it a go if you want to ride a ramp bus at the world’s best airport, which is a rare opportunity since your aircraft almost always parks at a gate with aerobridges, but make sure you have enough time prior to boarding your next flight!


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