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AeroBus/SkyBus (AeroSky Ventures) AirAsia Pre-Book: KL Sentral to klia2 by Express Bus

Getting from KL Sentral to klia2 by bus is nothing new, but how about making the cheapest direct airport transfer from Kuala Lumpur even cheaper?

On my recent AirAsia flight, I decided to pre-book my SkyBus ticket from AirAsia’s Manage My Booking portal, and snagged it for only RM8.90. That’s RM3.10 off the usual counter price of RM12!

At the SkyBus counter, present your AirAsia flight confirmation or boarding pass with the correct SSR code, and the counter staff will print you your pre-booked ticket.

Note that this special price is only valid if you have pre-booked your bus journey. The counter price for the bus is RM12.

My ticket, with the value still remaining as RM12.

Attached behind is a coupon stating that this ticket is for AirAsia pre-booked passengers.

Boarding the almost-full bus at KL Sentral. As mentioned previously, AeroBus and SkyBus operates as a single AeroSky Ventures entity for the KL Sentral – klia2 route, so just hop on the first bus you see.

A full bus also means an almost-immediate departure.

The view from my aisle seat for the one hour journey to klia2.

Arrived at klia2 with good time to spare before my flight.

From here, it’s a travellator ride up to gateway@klia2 and a short walk away from the main terminal building.

Some possible booking methods for Kuala Lumpur – KLIA and klia2 Express Buses are:

Hotel Booking

Attractions Booking

How do I book tickets online?

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