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Mayang Sari Express: Larkin Sentral to Melaka Sentral by Bus

Mayang Sari Express is a long-standing bus operator with routes focused on the southern parts of Peninsular Malaysia. While most buses from Larkin Sentral head to Muar with departures of up to every 30-90 minutes, a couple of buses head to Melaka Sentral each day too.

Well, I didn’t really specifically intend to travel with Mayang Sari Express for this journey, it was the next departure with single seats as shown on the Centralized Ticketing System (CTS) kiosks at Larkin Sentral, so I just clicked it.

My RM21 ticket for the trip to Melaka Sentral. (Notice how there is no boarding gate or platform number.)

I headed through Gate A anyway.

Scanning my boarding pass at the gantry, which worked despite it not having a gate or platform number.

Even the departure screens around the departure hall didn’t reflect the Mayang Sari Express departure to Melaka Sentral.

Instead of waiting around, I went to the staff making announcements at the counter just before the boarding platform and she wrote down D8 on my boarding pass almost instinctively. I guess that works.

Heading to Platform D at the new “satellite terminal”.

And here comes my bus to Melaka Sentral.

Waiting for the staff to allow passengers to board.

The interior of my 30-seater Mayang Sari Express bus.

The legroom available on board.

The very full bus to Melaka Sentral.

The staff at the door took the small portion on the right, so I’m left with this torn receipt.

The bus departed right on time at 1pm.

Getting on the North–South Expressway to Melaka. 184km to go.

The journey was rather uneventful, with no breaks made on the way.

Approaching the state of Melaka.

Crossing over Sungai Kesang, the border river between the Johor and Melaka states.

Exiting the North–South Expressway at Ayer Keroh Toll.

Arrived at Melaka Sentral after 3 hours.

Melaka Sentral is said to be built based on the design of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), but I’m not seeing it here.

Overall, Mayang Sari Express was a fuss-free journey between Johor Bahru and Melaka, though with the CTS system at Larkin Sentral and the many departures to Melaka Sentral each day, I would recommend just getting the next departure out (with a 2+1 seating of course), whatever the company may be.

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