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Trans Padang: Bus Rapid Transit System in Kota Padang


The Trans Padang BRT is an open-system Bus Rapid Transit in Kota Padang. While it does not operate with segretated lanes, priority on the road is given to Trans Padang BRT buses at halts and the Trans Padang BRT operates at a high frequency of less than 10 minutes waiting time between each bus. Currently, it seems that there is only one corridor, Koridor 1, between Lubang Buaya and Imam Bonjol in operation.

Trans Padang BRT Halts

Trans Padang BRT Halts can be spotted easily by an elevated platform by the road side and a Trans Padang sign before approaching the halt. Do note that not all halts have shelters.

Padang Public Transport Map

Estimated route map of the Padang public transport network. Only main travelling routes and terminals are featured.

Trans Padang BRT Service Information

Route: Lubang Buaya – Lubuk Buaya – Tabing Railway Station – Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) – Basko Grand Mall / Basko Hotel – Jl. Khatib Sulaiman – Jln. Rasuna Said – Jl. Sudirman – Simpang Pasar Raya – Imam Bonjol (ie. inland route)

Operating Hours: Every 3 to 10 minutes from 6.00am to 8.00pm daily

Estimated journey time: 45 minutes (full route)

Flat Fare: Rp. 3,500/adult ; Rp. 1,500/concession

Trans Padang BRT Buses

The Trans Padang BRT operates with blue-coloured midibuses with a capacity of 20 seated passengers and 20 standing passengers. Buses operate at 3 to 10 minute intervals during the day time from 6.00am to 8.00pm daily.

All buses seem to have the front engine cover opened, presumably for the engine to remain cool.

Trans Padang BRT buses awaiting departure at Imam Bonjol Halt.

Imam Bonjol Halt is the southern terminus of the Trans Padang BRT.

Boarding the Trans Padang BRT

The platform of the Trans Padang BRT halt is of the same height as the entrance of the Trans Padang BRT bus.

Passengers have to go through a turnstile at the entrance of the bus to board or alight.

A conductor is stationed on board the Trans Padang BRT bus for fare collection, just like other open-system BRTs in Indonesia.

Passengers are segregated by gender on board – females at the front of the bus and males at the rear. This is quite different from most other open-system BRTs in Indonesia with no segregation, and also a step higher from the TransJakarta BRT which has a ladies area at the front of the bus and a mix of everyone at the rear.

The paper ticket for the Trans Padang BRT.

The Trans Padang BRT provides a frequent metro-like service for Kota Padang and it is very easy to remember the route and get around as there are just 2 main roads in Kota Padang. The Trans Padang BRT halts are prominent and easily accessible, and Trans Padang BRT buses are well spotted in their unique livery. However, I feel that a second corridor should be added to ply the seaside road between Lubang Buaya and Imam Bonjol to better serve the seaside parts of Kota Padang as there is quite a good catchment of passengers there too.

Save your money on taxis next time and get around Kota Padang by the Trans Padang BRT!

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