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Transnasional Business Club: Johor Bahru Larkin Sentral to Kuala Lumpur Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) by Last Bus

Transnasional is one of the largest and longest-sustaining transport operator in Malaysia, with most if not all locals knowing the name of the company by heart. Transnasional operates under the parent company Konsortium Transnasional Berhad, with sister brands of Nice, Plusliner and Cityliner.

Transnasional operates the last overnight bus out of Larkin Sentral to Kuala Lumpur, departing at 1.00am using the Business Club (2+1) bus.

I got to Larkin Sentral by SBSTransit Service 170 as Shuttle Tebrau train tickets were all sold out for the entire evening and night on the date of my travel. However, this allows a direct journey through the bus immigration checkpoints from Singapore rather than having to get a public bus or an Uber to Larkin Sentral should I have taken the train.

Larkin Sentral operates with a new Centralized Ticketing System (CTS), similar to the ones found in Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) Kuala Lumpur and Awana Transport Hub Genting Highlands. As such, tickets purchased online has to be printed out and the hardcopy exchanged for a CTS boarding pass at any of the CTS counters.

My boarding pass for my 1.00am Transnasional bus from Larkin Sentral to TBS.

If you do not already have a ticket, you can purchase one (if seats are still available) from the CTS counters or at the kiosks near the departure gate.

My 1.00am bus to TBS on Transnasional is on schedule according to the departure board.

The air-conditioned departure hall will open 30 minutes before the departure time (ie. 12.30am for a 1.00am departure). This is enforced automatically by the gantries which will only accept your ticket at the stated time.

Just like TBS, there are ticket gates for you to scan your boarding pass on before entering the “transit area”.

Scan the QR code on the boarding pass at the gantry.

As Transnasional departs from Platform C, turn right after the gantry.

The new spacious air-conditioned waiting area at Larkin Sentral, a far cry from the times where it was filled with random people shouting “KL KL KL!!”.

Oh wow look at all the other non-Transnasional buses with their new status.

Announcements (which is really just “Transnasional KL Pukul 1 Transnasional KL Pukul 1!!”) were made for passengers on the 1.00am bus to KL on Transnasional to proceed to the platform at about 12.40am.

I got a rude shock when I saw this Transnasional 41-seater Club Class bus waiting at the platform, but alas, its destination was to Kuantan. Phew.

Here comes my 30-seater Transnasional Business Club bus to KL, arriving at Larkin Sentral from Pasir Gudang. The Transnasional Business Club is a locally-built Sksbus E5 Modulr.

Waiting to board the Transnasional Business Club.

The view of the bus from my seat.

The legroom available on the Transnasional Business Club. The bus comes with 10 rows of 2+1 seats, hence it’s a little tighter than the usual 27-seater Super VIP buses out there.

USB charging ports are available on the aisle side of the single seat.

The doors were shut at 12.59am and the bus departed Larkin Sentral at precisely 1.00am with all seats taken up.




The ride was rather uneventful since I spent my time sleeping. The bus did make a short stop at Yong Peng Lucky Garden for a toilet and meal break, which I woke up at due to the light from outside and some passengers heading down for a break.




A last look at the interior of the Transnasional Business Club upon arrival at TBS at 5.40am.

My overall rating for this trip?

Same as the thumbs-up given by the driver. At a fare of RM34.30 as compared with a S$30 bus from Singapore, with a safe driving speed at all times (enforced by an on-board beeper when the driver hits the limit) and no intermediate stops to pick-up or drop-off passengers, this would be my top choice to travel from JB to KL overnight.

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