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Hanoibus Express Bus Service 86: Noi Bai International Airport to Hanoi Railway Station by Express Bus

Hanoibus Service 86 is an express airport bus service linking Noi Bai International Airport to Hanoi city centre, terminating at Hanoi Railway Station, offering an affordable and convenient public transport link. With taxi fares costing around VND320,000 (~S$18.73), Hanoibus Service 86 costs around 10 times lesser than that at just VND35,000 (~S$2.05), so it was quite an obvious choice.

The bus stop for Hanoibus Service 86 at Noi Bai Terminal 2 is on the left side after exiting the terminal building.

Look out for the clearly posted signs.

The stop at Terminal 2 is just an intermediate stop for the Hanoibus Service 86, so seats may not be available on board.

Inside the crowded Hanoibus Service 86.

The standing area on board doubles up as a baggage storage area.

Exiting Noi Bai Airport.

After the bus stop outside the airport before hitting the highway, the conductor comes around to sell tickets for the bus ride to the city. Tickets cost VND35,000 (~S$2.05) per person.

Hanoibus Service 86 takes the new highway from Hanoi Airport to Hanoi city centre.

Aproaching the Nhat Tan Bridge.

Crossing over the Red River on the Nhat Tan Bridge.

Heading on the local main road after crossing the Red River.

The bus makes a stop at Long Bien Bus Station, where the bulk of passengers alighted at, presumably to transfer to other bus services.

What’s left of the bus after departing from Long Bien Bus Station.

The standing area on the bus.

Bells are provided around the bus to indicate your wish to stop, but you can just inform the conductor of your destination and the bus will prepare to stop there.

Hanoibus Service 86 makes a stop near the Old Quarter, and another near the Hanoi Opera House before heading to Hanoi Railway Station.

The overall interior of the bus, after everyone has alighted at Hanoi Railway Station, the terminus of Hanoibus Service 86.

The journey from Noi Bai International Airport to Hanoi Railway Station took about 1 hour.

From here, the train station itself is just steps away, or you can get a taxi or Grab to further destinations.

Overall, the Hanoibus Service 86 is an affordable and efficient way to get from Noi Bai International Airport to Hanoi city centre. Despite costing 7 times more than a regular bus, it still is about 10 times cheaper than the official taxi fare, and takes the highway so speeds aren’t that much different. Furthermore, buses seem to have an unofficial priority on local roads with all other vehicles giving way whenever the bus signals its intention, so it makes zipping around the city slightly faster. The premium fare of the Hanoibus Service 86 over the regular bus is pretty worth it for this airport transfer to the city.

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