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Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal: New Bus Terminal Located On Former KTM Land

Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal is located on the former KTM land (Kampong Bahru Yard) and Royal Malaysian Customs godown. The terminal opened on 10 March 2018, replacing the former New Bridge Road Bus Terminal located outside of Outram Park MRT Station, which is now closed to make way for the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Elective Care Centre.

For a viewpoint on the Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal relating to the former KTM land, click here.

The Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal features a standard concourse area reminiscent of newer bus terminals or interchanges such as Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange and Tampines Concourse Bus Interchange.

The Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal is located along a new stretch of Spooner Road, extending on from the angled right turn to the former Malayan Railways Running Bungalow and Quarters.

The former Running Bungalow and quarters are visible from the Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal.

The former lush green railway yard is now populated by Lush Green-liveried buses.

Service information boards are available around the terminal.

Food and drinks are available at the food stalls operated by NTWU Canteen. While it caters mainly for drivers on their layover, the NTWU Canteen is open to the public as well.

Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal consists mainly of sawtooth berths for boarding, with buses pulling up only upon departure.

The bus services available at Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal, with operators from SBSTransit, SMRT and Go-Ahead Singapore.

Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal (and the future URA carpark) is linked to the nearby Blair Road by a new universally-accessible covered linkway, which connects to the existing sheltered walkway to Spottiswoode Park Estate.

The future direct link to the new URA carpark via a set of staircase is not sheltered.

The entrance to the future URA carpark, with the view of the newly extended Spooner Road.

The overview of Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal as seen from Kampong Bahru Road.

Buses serving Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal have their destinations updated on their electronic destination signages (EDS).

The former entrance to the Royal Malaysian Customs on the Kampong Bahru Road slipway towards Bukit Purmei at the junction of Kampong Bahru Road and Jalan Bukit Merah is now a pedestrian entrance to the Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal.

A new MAN A95 double-decker bus serving the new limited stop Service 12e departing from the new Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal.

Being the closest terminal to Chinatown, the Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal also houses the two premium Chinatown Direct services, linking the residential areas of Ang Mo Kio (CT8) and Bedok (CT18) directly to Chinatown via expressways.

The Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal serves mainly as a terminating point for buses plying the Chinatown area. While it doesn’t serve an MRT station directly like the previous New Bridge Road Bus Terminal, most passengers would simply alight at the bus stop outside the former interchange to get to Outram Park MRT Station or SGH and not continue on to this new terminal, which wouldn’t affect much about connectivity. After all, all buses heading to Chinatown from here will also serve Outram Park MRT Station and SGH. The new terminal will certainly improve the connectivity to Spottiswoode Park Estate, and bus captains will now have a more spacious area to rest and have their meals at when laying over at Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal.

For a viewpoint on the Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal relating to the former KTM land, click here.

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