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Eltabina Express cancelled their bus on me.

Eltabina Express apparently plies the route from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) in Kuala Lumpur to Larkin Sentral in Johor Bahru and Textile Centre in Singapore via Woodlands Checkpoint. The only difference about the route on my day of departure was that I got nowhere from TBS.

After getting my boarding pass, I made my way to the gate as usual, and the gate opened for me as usual with nothing amiss.

Only till I got to the waiting lounge where I realised that there wasn’t any Eltabina information on any screen, even at the gate itself. Nothing happened at 11.30pm – the departure time.

When this Super Coach to Larkin showed up at 11.35pm, I half expected it to be a combined bus by Eltabina and I’ll get a 170 ticket at Larkin for the onward journey to Singapore. I asked the staff manning the gate – and was told “not yet”.

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2 thoughts on “Eltabina Express cancelled their bus on me.”

  1. This makes me very mad. I won’t ever choose eltabina company. They can simply ask passenger to change to others bus just because of his stupid reason ( I don’t want to go Larkin). Feedback from stupid dumb Indian driver! I spent money to buy the ticket at eltabina company and end up have to ride to another lousy bus . When I ask , why you all can simply ask passenger to swift to another bus. The driver reply ” the Indian guy don’t want to go Larkin, he ask me to take both of you, i don’t get any money from him, if you don’t want then don’t come” . Is this the right way to accept those nonsense?


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